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Why Strategic Telecom Partners Instead of Going Direct?

Which side of the bargaining table do you want your sales rep on?  Yours or the carriers?

As Independent Telecom Agents we sit on YOUR side of the bargaining table and only win when you win.  We represent over 60+ carriers and provide unbiased advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each choice that we present. Direct sales reps represent only their current employer and are only compensated to sell you the services of their current employer.  Do your direct reps tell you what the weaknesses and disadvantages are of their solution?  By working with over 60+ carriers, STP can truly give you advice that we believe is in your best interest based on all of the available carrier options.  We can offer you the same choices as your direct reps and many others that may be a better fit based on your individual project requirements.  We sit on YOUR side of the bargaining table!  This is why we love what we do and feel that we can provide you Telecom As A Service in a way that we never could for our customers when we represented just one carrier/employer!!


Instead of researching and meeting with 3-5 vendors yourself, Strategic Telecom Partners will meet with you and:

  1. We will LISTEN closely for your project needs and requirements.
  2. Pre-screen your needs through the service portfolios of 60+ vendors and provide a list of Final candidates that meet your specifications.
  3. We can setup up meetings for you with our Direct Carrier Sales Managers and Direct Carrier Sales Engineers for the pre-screened carriers that you want to meet with.
  4. Provide comprehensive proposals and/or direct carrier service contracts from the carriers that you want to review.
  5. We can help you sort through the advantages and disadvantages of each provider.  A direct rep will generally only present the advantages of their employer whereas Strategic Telecom Partners can provide unbiased advice on all carrier proposals that we represent.
  6. Post-sale Installation support – We understand that a successful on-time installation is very important to most customers.   We provide frequent updates on installation projects and work closely with Carrier Project Managers to ensure that you are receiving frequent installation milestone reports.  We will provide project tracking spreadsheets for projects that involve multiple locations and carriers. Click here to learn more
  7. Post-sale Billing “white glove” support – We provide 1st invoice reviews on each service line item ordered through us and proactively escalate a billing issue with the provider until it is corrected.  Click here to learn more
  8. STP can provide redline advice based on what we have seen approved by dozens of carriers throughout our years of experience.
  9. STP can help you develop RFP criteria for your network bid based on our many years of experience working with hundreds of enterprises on their infrastructure projects.


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Eliminate Sales Rep chum!

We build a book of residual business and make a long-term career choice to serve as customer advisors and advocates.  We are incented to earn your business every day.  A direct rep can lose their job or leave to work for another carrier leaving you with the task of educating a new sales representative about your business needs.  We are self-employed and will support you through your first contract, your renewal, and/or a carrier change at the end of the contract.  We want your business for the long-term!

  • Internet (Ethernet, T-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48,DSL, Cable Modem, Fixed Wireless)
  • Wide Area Network Solutions (MPLS, Wave, Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet PTP, PTMP, or MPTMP)
  • SIP Trunks / VoIP
  • Contact/Call Center Solutions
  • Local PRI/T-1/POTS
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Voice & Data
  • Managed Network Services
  • Cloud Computing made simple (Lower costs, High Availability, Data Security, Server Consolidation, Disaster Recovery)
  • Carrier Contract Negotiation

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